Love it,
ride it,
maintain it

The new way of maintaining and setting up your bike.

Maintenance is key

Bikes need maintenance, otherwise even the most expensive bike will become a nursing case. A well-maintained bike brings more joy and lasts longer.

Service, components, settings, bike parts – all combined in one free app: maintain it

  • Set card with components and bike details
  • PDF export of service history
  • Service committed with date
  • Active value retention of the bike
  • Saving setups

Every user can set up his individual profile with any desired details.


Every maintenance step done to the bike can be documented here, no matter who does it.

Invoices, manuals and images can be uploaded and costs can be added.


Every bike gets a setcard where you can store all details, serial numbers, parts, attachments and images.

The user can choose if the bike is visible to friends or if it is hidden.


Different bikes, different temperatures, different tracks, different riders – different setups. For every bike you can save multiple setups and you can add specific attachments.


A service can be locked to the specific date in real-time. Locking can not be undone and not be dated backwards – it is a proof of the service history and increases the value of the bike.


Through the connection to other bikers, bikes, setups and services get visible and also inspire. Costs stay hidden at any time.

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